PLANT MATERIAL - First backcrosses

This work is part of the initiative "Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change: Collecting, Protecting and Preparing Crop Wild Relatives" which is supported by the Government of Norway. The project is managed by the Global Crop Diversity Trust with the Millenium Seed Bank of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and implemented in partnership with national and international gene banks and plant breeding institutes around the world. For forward informatin see the project website:

      S. melongena
Primary genepool
    S. incanum INC1 X X
    S. insanum INS1 X X X X X X
    S. insanum INS2 X X X X X X
    S. insanum INS3 X X X X X X
Secondary genepool     
    S. anguivi ANG1 X X   X
    S. anguivi ANG2 X   X X
    S. dasyphyllum DAS1 X X X   X
    S. lichtensteinii LIC1 X X   X X
    S. lichtensteinii LIC2 X X X
    S. lidii LID2   X
    S. linnaeanum LIN1   X X
    S. pyracanthum PYR1 X X
    S. tomentosum TOM1 X X
    S. vespertilio VES1 X          
   S. violaceum VIO1 X          
Tertiary genepool
    S. elaeagnifolium ELE2     X      
First backcrosses obtained
The X indicates that a first backcross generation to the cultivated S. melongena has been obtained