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Leading partner (Word Vegetable Center)
Mohamed Rakha (Coordinator)
Ravishankar Manickam
Jaw-rong Chen
Dalia Taher
Tsung-han Lin
Tien-hor Wu
Jung-ching (Dew) Hsu

Spanish team (Universitat Politècnica de València)
Jaime Prohens (Spanish team leader)

Sri Lankan team (University or Peradeniya)
Hemal Fonseka (Sri Lankan team leader)
Ramya Fonseka (Sri Lankan team co-leader)

Ivorian team (Université Félix Houphouet-Boigny)
Abou Bakari Kouassi

Global Crop Diversity Trust
Benjamin Kilian
Luis Salazar

Collaborating company 1 (East-West Seed)
       Katherine Panergayo

Collaborating company 5 (Novagenetic)
       Morgane Raynal

This work is part of the initiative "Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change: Collecting, Protecting and Preparing Crop Wild Relatives" which is supported by the Government of Norway. The project is managed by the Global Crop Diversity Trust with the Millenium Seed Bank of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and implemented in partnership with national and international gene banks and plant breeding institutes around the world. For forward informatin see the project website:
First-Year Meeting Second Phase

“Development and Preparation of Eggplant Pre-Bred Materials for Adaptation to Climate Change”

2-4 july 2018
Shanhua, Taiwan