PARTNER 4: World Vegetable Center                
Members of the Taiwanese team are affiliated to the World Vegetable Center. The vegetable breeding group at WorldVeg ( has wide experience in eggplant genetic resources (large collection in the World) and breeding, in particular for tolerance to biotic stresses. The team leader and coordinator of the project will be Dr. Mohamed Rakha, who is a specialist in the evaluation of biotic stress. Dr. Chen Wuu-Yang is specialist in grafting and evaluation of rootstocks. Dr. Wu Tien-hor is specialized in phenotypic evaluation. Dr. Dalia Taher is a breeder specialized in insect resistance and morphological characterization. Dr. Jaw-rong Chen is a specialist in bacteriology.

Dr. Mohamed Rakha
Dr. Chen Wuu-Yang
Wu Tien-hor
Dr. Y. N. Tian Bi
Dr. Dr. Dalia Taher

Dr. Jaw-rong Chen

This work is part of the initiative "Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change: Collecting, Protecting and Preparing Crop Wild Relatives" which is supported by the Government of Norway. The project is managed by the Global Crop Diversity Trust with the Millenium Seed Bank of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and implemented in partnership with national and international gene banks and plant breeding institutes around the world. For forward informatin see the project website: